Hey there, early scholar!

 I’m glad you stopped by to say hello!Molly-Cool-Cover-HEADSHOT

 My name is Molly Cool, and I think science is cool! 

Want to know something else that’s cool?

MATTER has a special meaning in SCIENCE.

Matter is anything that takes up space. It is made from atoms that join together to make MOLECULES. That word sounds like my name!

One of my favorite things to do is share some of the cool things I know about science. Even my body is shaped like a molecule. Science helps me know how to cook, why I need sleep, and lots more. I guess that’s why Cool Science Matters! Now I’d like you to meet my friend Atom.

Hi! My name is Atom.  And I think science is cool too!

Do you know about the five senses?

Click on each word below and find out more!







The five senses help us learn about the world around us.

I will help you learn about science with my friend Molly Cool. She knows a lot! She even knows that matter is made from atoms. Hey! That’s my name!

Would you like to know more about a book I love? Well, it’s true that I am on almost every page, but that’s not why I read it again and again. It is one of my favorite books because it is a book about my friend Annie who… oh, I’ll just share a few facts.

Sharing facts is something Molly Cool and I do very well!

  • In our book about AIR, Annie needs help!

  • She needs to learn about air. Want to know who helps Annie?

  • We do! That’s right. Molly Cool and Atom help Annie learn four facts about air. She also does some fun activities. You can do them too!

Do you like science? Do you think science is cool? If you do, then you know too…

Cool Science Matters!